Circa Survive / Touche Amore / Balance & Composure / October 7th & 10th

CIRCA SURVIVE w/ Touche Amore, Balance and Composure and O’Brother @ Fox Theater Pomona on Sunday, October 7th

CIRCA SURVIVE w/ Touche Amore, Balance and Composure and O’Brother @ Club Nokia on Wednesday, October 10th

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Looking Back on Strife 2011 Europe and TIHC

Photo from This Is Hardcore 2011 / Robby Redcheeks

Our band has done a lot of touring recently and played quite a few shows. It’s not too bad for a semi active band that was only going to do some shows here and there, but I am not complaining. This last tour of Europe with my friends was one of the most fun I can recall and ending it with This Is Hardcore, straight off a flight from Belgium and about as tired as one can be, was the icing on the cake. Funny to think that if Joe didn’t offer us a slot on this years festival we may not have gone to Europe at the time we did. Speaking for myself, if that didn’t happen, we would have missed out on a lot. I also would not have had a chance to see Gorilla Biscuits again. We had the great opportunity to play some really good shows with friends old and new. California was out in full force in Europe and the UK and represented accordingly. 

I’d like to thank our friends in First Blood (@firstbloodrules), Stick To Your Guns (@STYGoc), Touche Amore (@ToucheAmore) and Ceremony (@CeremonyHCfor allowing us to share the stage with them in addition to  Pennywise (@Pennywise), Sheer Terror (@sheerterrornyhc), Meshuggah (@meshuggahband), Soulcontrol (@__SC__), Strung Out (@StrungOutMusic) and I am sure more I am not remembering at this point but will update when I do. I hope this won’t be the last time we get to play together or you might consider doing a show with us. We had so much fun.

 Big thank you to all of the local promoters that gave us shows and some of the best memories. Thank you to our Tour Manager Pietz AYS for putting up with us. Helio Suzuki for coming out on his own dime and selling merch for us night after night and being a good friend and constant supporter. The kids from Cardiff that always travel for a show. Thank you to the towns that had us, the kids that came out and supported. 

Also, a thank you to the organizers and bookers over at Resurrection Festival, Hevy Festival, Sucks N’ Summer and Ieper Festival. Your jobs are not easy.. you just make them look like it. 

Thanks and a high five to Joe Hardcore for having us be a part of TICH 2011. Hanging out and seeing all of our friends at the fest was awesome. You run a first class show and we hope you’ll have us back in the future.

Lastly, thank you to those on the internet that followed us via Twitter (@Strife_LA) our Facebook Page ( and posted about every show. Social Media is rad.

This is a time we’ll remember!


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Touche Amore posts free live recordings

Touche Amore is the latest band involved in Deathwish Inc.'s ongoing Deathwish Live Series. The digital series is made of live recordings of Deathwish affiliated artists. These recordings are from a variety of sources: radio shows, official live recordings, bootlegs, and more. In this instance, the recording comes from the band’s first trip to Boston and their ensuing visit to WERS Studios and recorded a session that later aired on the station. The band performs material from their 6131 Records debut, …To the Beat of a Dead Horse [12 inch]

It was originally released by the band themselves as a limited 7-inch EP but is now out of print. Find the digital release here.


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Pics from Converge on 5/18 at El Rey Theatre

Check them out at

All pics from this show were taken by Dan Raw

You can look at his other sets in flickr @

He’s pretty good.

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