Less than 50 tickets left for this show.. You are sleeping. Get on it. 

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Circa Survive / Touche Amore / Balance & Composure / October 7th & 10th

CIRCA SURVIVE w/ Touche Amore, Balance and Composure and O’Brother @ Fox Theater Pomona on Sunday, October 7th

CIRCA SURVIVE w/ Touche Amore, Balance and Composure and O’Brother @ Club Nokia on Wednesday, October 10th


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Slug Magazine post Deafheaven Interview

Deafheaven. Their mixture of black metal, hardcore, shoegaze and post-rock is one of the most interesting and fresh spins on aggressive music to emerge in the last year, and their album Roads to Judah is sure to show up on many end of year “Best Of” lists.

Read the whole interview here: http://www.slugmag.com/metal-blog/3032/Napalm-Flesh-Deafheaven-Interview.html

via: DEATHWISH Tweets

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Ressurection : I Am Not : The Discography

For those of us that were growing up in the hardcore scene in a time where it was changing from more traditional “old school” to more of a post-hardcore sound, this was a band that pioneered, captured and delivered it perfectly. 

Go stream the remastered tracks from Ressurection at the Deathwish site. Stay, listen and understand that this band is one of many reasons we have such diversity in today’s hardcore scene. 

I cannot wait to see them back together at This is Hardcore. 


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Touche Amore posts free live recordings

Touche Amore is the latest band involved in Deathwish Inc.'s ongoing Deathwish Live Series. The digital series is made of live recordings of Deathwish affiliated artists. These recordings are from a variety of sources: radio shows, official live recordings, bootlegs, and more. In this instance, the recording comes from the band’s first trip to Boston and their ensuing visit to WERS Studios and recorded a session that later aired on the station. The band performs material from their 6131 Records debut, …To the Beat of a Dead Horse [12 inch]

It was originally released by the band themselves as a limited 7-inch EP but is now out of print. Find the digital release here.


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Pics from Converge on 5/18 at El Rey Theatre

Check them out at http://bit.ly/6pso8C

All pics from this show were taken by Dan Raw

You can look at his other sets in flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/danrawe/

He’s pretty good.

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New Intgrity : The Blackest Curse 5.25.10

Deathwish is playing a teaser trailer for the new Integrity album “The Blackest Curse”. Go check it out.


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New 108 Out Tomorrow

Although the bands latest 18.61 is due out tomorrow you can head over to the Deathwish site and check out a couple tracks from it right now.


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